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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Dubstep Track Update

Well, its finally going along now, but its not done yet

and i promised myself i wouldnt release it for Booing until it was finished ;D

Although i dont really like it all too much, im still going to finish it, then try it a different way.

And one Question, anyone know where i can get some good Sweeps? (if you know what that is (hint: Its an Audio Effect))

Peace Out

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



ITS CALLED DUBSTEP, aka the most eargasmic style of music you will ever listen to.

The only way i could describe it without you hearing some is that you dont just hear this kind of music, you FEEL THIS MUSIC, it shakes your soul to the core and blows your mind wide open.

Luckily if that wasnt enough i have an example here

WARNING- If you do not have good bass support your experience will not be nearly as thrilling! 

[---Mt Eden Seirra Leone---]

Not to mention im learning how to dub my own steps, its very confusing and complicated but I'm beginning to piece it together bit by bit, who knows maybe ill be famous one day? (yah rite) 

Please show your support and i will begin uploading examples soon

Peace out 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fallout New Vegas

Were all waiting for it, we all want it (at least all the cool ones that is)

Fallout New Vegas us being made by the members of Obsidian, which is a group of developers who worked on the original fallout games, i.e. Fallout and Fallout 2.

Not sure about anyone else but im pretty excited about it, im just not sure how im going to figure out a schedule to play Halo: Reach and Fallout New Vegas...

Not to mention, the first play i do in that game will be HARDCORE MODE

cuse that how teh pro's do et.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

3D Modeling

Something ive been picking up recently and im honestly enjoying it alot. its pretty simple and you can do basically anything you want.

Since I've started only recently im keeping it simple by making models and animations for the game Blockland, which uses torque script related stuff.

Bioshock Pack

If you cannot tell that is the Wrench from BioShock 1, well atleast its a blockland version of it.

Im also working on a Rosie Player type, as in; you can be this player.

Thats all i got for now, ill update with more of my stuff later on.


Hmmm....what to do now?

I set this up and now im not sure what do...

Im going to go play Battlefield bad company 2

any one else?

Other than that ive already eaten food that i like to eat

You didnt know?

I swear you did, well atleast you do now and we will no longer be in any danger what so ever.

i hope...